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  • Mike Connor

    Mike Connor - 2011-08-19

    I was not happy with various search methods to be used in combination with QTTabBar, so I went looking for better alternatives.

    This is what I came up with, and I am very happy with it.  I have an "Everything" toolbar integrated into my button bar, ( Courtesy of "Classic Shell");

    I also use dnGREP to search on results. This is an extremely powerful, fast, and useful combination. It simply blows any other search methods away!

    Of course it works in any Explorer window as well, on folders or files, you can search for content, in one or many files, manipulate results, copy, move, delete, etc etc.

    Here I have searched a PDF file using dnGREP from the Explorer context ( right-click) menu, the search word is "stream" ;

    Search time etc is given in the results, in this case 68 milliseconds, it is very very fast! As you can see, all instances of the search term are shown in context in the results, with line numbers / pages

    You can also select a whole folder ( of course the serch will take a little longer depending on how much stuff you have in the folder).

    After you install dnGREP you can choose "Explorer Integration" in the options. This adds dnGrep to the Explorer context menu, and as "Everything" ( and Ultra Search ) both use the Explorer context menu, you can choose dnGrep directly from it, and it AUTOMATICALLY!!!) accepts the file or folder you right clicked on as the main search criteria;

    This means you have the best possibke search combination you could possibly have, and without indexing ( except for the "Everything" file index ). You can search text, pdf, zips, docs etc. And also manipulate results ( search and replace for instance). dnGREP is extremely powerful. If you click on the results you get even more options.

    The point is that you search first for the file name or whatver in "Everything ( Or Ultra Search). Then you right click on whatever you have found, and choose dnGREP. This will then search contents etc, whatever you want, and is very quick. It automatically accepts the file name, folder. or whatever from "everything", and searches that as desired. It does not use an index.

    Some screenshots may make this clearer.

    Here I searched for "Text" in "Everything", I then right clicked on "Text Files" in the results, and chose dnGREP from the context menu. This automatically opens the folder ( or file ) in dnGrep and you can then search the contents of any supported file;

    You can now use search and replace, Regex, and a wholöe lot of other stuff on the results. To give you an idea of what you can do, scroll down the page here to see what dnGREP can do;

    This is in principle the same as "Everything" but slightly more comfortable, and somewaht slower, than "Everything" running in the background. The "Exclude" filter can be used directly from the command bar, and you can choose your discs directly.


    Hope some of you find this useful.

    Regards….Mike Connor


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