• latinbop

    latinbop - 2011-02-19

    Hi, when I open the Plugins-Page, I cannot find a single word about the plugins, if there are some, what they are good for, if they work with win7, if they work under 64 bit OSs and so on. Would be great, if there was some information about those plugins. Ah, and screenshots of what the plugins do would be nice, too. Greetz.

  • David Martens

    David Martens - 2011-04-13


    I can only fall alongside. Some info and screenshots would be nice.

  • takayamushi

    takayamushi - 2011-05-22

    Same here; at least some info/description of the plugins & what they do would be great!

  • popmagoo

    popmagoo - 2011-12-20

    from a notepad that originally came from quizo regarding FileTools plugin -

            FileTools plugin for QTTabBar



            pack of Toolbar buttons.
            (Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Copy To Folder, Move To Folder, Undo, Send To Parent, Properties.)
            * 'Send To Parent' works by keyboard shortcut even if the button is not enabled in Toolbar.

            Source files are in PluginSDK. Feel free to modify them.

            In order to localize this plugin, translate and add these xml elements to
            your plugin language file specified in Options -> Plugins.





    Copy to Folder

    Move to Folder


    after a puter crash and reload of vista i found i was really missing my qt tabs, had it for a couple of years,
    so i downloaded the new version but i just cannot figure how to get this plugin re-installed, it just keeps
    making explorer freeze or crash whatever i try,
    have tried it using the old version too but explorer just will not accept it., the one i am missing most is the
    ''move to folder'' being handy on the bar.

    please please could the developers add a few of these handy tools inside the program so that we can add
    or delete them easily without having to mess with plugins that are complicated to follow, i'm sure many others
    would also appreciate this too, it sure would help to prevent dummies like me from corrupting explorer and
    possibly other system files too trying to get them.

    thank you.


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