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  • Mattias Johansson


    Does any one know the status of this project? I'd like to help out with the development. I've tried to contact the Admin for this project in person one month ago, but no answer. Are there any more developers than Admin?


  • Toan Pham

    Toan Pham - 2012-12-06

    same here,  i tried to contact all the developers directly via email or on this discussion board, and i got no reply from them.  i would like to help out with development too; but since this project appeared to be abandoned so i tried not to waste too much time with it anymore.  i decided to contribute to another project simply b/c no-one is working on this, and i do not have a clue about the development plan/course of qtstalker 3.6 or 3.7…..

  • Mattias Johansson

    Are you contributing to another project with the same goal, a TA client?

  • Steve Stratos

    Steve Stratos - 2012-12-08

    Admin here,

    Thank you for the offer of help. Unfortuantely the API is too unstable right now for any assistance.

    I am working on stabilizing the plugin API. Once that is complete, I will update CVS with a stable, basic working system that is ready for public usage/development.

    I am aiming for a stable API around the upcoming holidays when I have more time to finish.

  • THarmes

    THarmes - 2012-12-25

    Hi Steve,

    worked a little on a Win32 port for the programm. The Plugin-Solution works, but there are some traps with memory handling in Windows DLL. I solved and cleared a lot to get it working, maybe there is a chance to get some of the code in.


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2013-02-19

    Can we please, please petition you to move the project to GitHub, Bitbucket, Google Code or Launchpad? I've been trying to get the updates you've made in the past several days and I can't even manage to get a successful CVS checkout or to get SourceForge's ViewCVS to give me a complete tarball.

    I'm interested in the project but honestly SourceForge is a huge impediment to participation (and probably community growth around the project). And no offense, but I can't believe I'm even trying to use CVS in 2013. Personally I'd greatly prefer Git or Mercurial but Bazaar or even SVN would be a massive improvement.

    Ches Martin

  • Steve Stratos

    Steve Stratos - 2013-02-19

    Hi Ches.

    <<  And no offense, but I can't believe I'm even trying to use CVS in 2013.

    LOL Indeed.

    xley and myself are currently in discussion regarding a move to subversion. This may happen shortly as we have agreed once current CVS is cleaned up we can begin the transfer.

    I would suggest contacting sourceforge admins about CVS issues. I have not had any trouble with it so far. Perhaps it is a regional server issue. I know they have issues from time to time with server syncing.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2013-02-21

    Thank you for the response, and good to hear! I have since been able to get a CVS checkout successfully, also.

  • Andrea D'Amore

    Andrea D'Amore - 2013-05-06

    sstratos, in this discussion you wrote:

    1)  I want to make it perfectly clear that users and developers should NOT be using the development branch at this time

    What should they actually be using?

    The only tarball released is 0.36 and that\\\'s too old to be built with modern libraries.
    The repository are spread and a bit confusing (I *think* the CVS tag to use is HEAD while the other are there for historical reason), the git repository is empty (why does it exist in first place) and the svn repository appears to have the most recent push but still lacking several files.

    Can you provide any clear info on homepage, project page or download page about what should be used for building?

    Now to the suggestion box: still in the discussion I linked earlier you stated that you are actually moving to subversion, therefore I suggest to disable git repo and eventually archive CVS repo and disable that too.
    Also I suggest to shut down the qtstalker-discussion mailing list and merge the two forums, the former had no traffic for months with questions without even a reply, the latter two show very little traffic and merging shouldn\\\'t cause any problem.

    Having a single approach point for code and chatting makes it easier on user.


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