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Meta - Discussion (WikiPage)
Page for general discussion of qtractor documentation creation. We can use the comment section below for threaded discussion, and any useful guidelines that arise from discussion can be listed on this page: Prefix new manual page titles with "Manual - " Prefix new how-to page titles with "How To - " When a page is renamed, references to previous name do not get magically adjusted. Be careful about changing the section names and numbers in the manual, since they function as anchors for references. "How To" pages can serve as answers to the first questions a new user is likely to have, and can link to manual sections for further reading. Some things that probably need to be done: Someone who is familiar with building and using the VST features should probably check to see if the information about that is still correct. The illustrations should probably be checked to see if they need updating. The language could probably be made more compact, concise, etc.
Last updated: 2017-02-28

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