#8 create input buses for new audio tracks


When I'm mixing MIDI tracks down to audio tracks I have to create many audio tracks each with a dedicated input bus (that currently need to be created separately one at a time) and individually assign each bus to its matching audio track. This is time consuming and very tedious. Most of this tedium could be avoided if qtractor could create multiple tracks (as I've just requested in the last ticket) in one go, create a new input bus for each track as well as assigning the buses to the tracks.

In the Input/Output section of the 'Add Track' window there would ideally be an option to either 'Create dedicated mono input buses' or 'Create dedicated stereo input buses' for every audio track being created. The names of the buses should match the track names being created as well as automatically assigning them to the new tracks. Then all the user would have to do is connect the dedicated outputs of the MIDI tracks to the bus inputs of the new tracks which would be about 1/4 of the work/time/effort currently required to do this.


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  • Daniel MacDonald

    Hi Rui!

    Following on from your request on the qtractor forum for more details on how I'd like this to work, here is my proposal for achieving what I want with minimal changes to the existing 'Add Track' window and its behaviour.

    I have no probs with the way the Add Track bus input/output selector works for MIDI tracks because I only ever use the Master MIDI buses so as far as I'm concerned no changes are needed there. As for creating new audio tracks, I'd like to see a few changes and couple of new options be added to the Input bus selector in the Add Track window and the default behaviour changed for adding new audio tracks.

    For a new session, the user would see 3 options if they clicked on the audio input bus selector 'New mono bus' (which I'd suggest become the new default), 'New stereo bus' and 'Master'. The menu would of course continue to show any other existing audio input buses too but these would be the default 3. With both 'New mono bus' and 'New Stereo bus' a new bus with a name that matches the track name is auto created for each new track and this new bus (or buses) becomes the input bus for their respective track(s).

  • Daniel MacDonald

    When you create a new track currently, qtractor always defaults to selecting the Master buss, regardless of your previous choice (if more busses exist). I think it would be more optimal if instead qtractor remembered the last in/out buss selections for the type of track being created (audio or MIDI) and those were presented as default selections for new tracks.

    So, if you chose 'New Mono buss' for Input and 'Master' for output for the previously created audio track, these are the settings you'd be presented with as defaults next time you create an audio track.

  • junkyardsparkle

    junkyardsparkle - 2013-11-03

    In addition to remembering the bus names, defaulting to either Audio or Midi (whichever was selected last) would be nice. Storing this "memory" in session files would be handy for templates, too.


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