#28 Qtractor crashes when inserting ZynAddSubFX DSSI plug-in


Qtractor 0.5.7 crashes when I insert a ZynAddSubFX DSSI plug-in from version 2.4.3. I've attached a gdb backtrace.
With the 2.4.1 version of that same DSSI plug-in everything works as it should.



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  • Rui Nuno Capela

    Rui Nuno Capela - 2012-12-29

    looks like trouble is in the newer zynaddsubfx dssi code.

    cf. double free in glibc. backtrace from gdb/qtractor is pretty useless.

    something has changed in the syn that makes it behave differently under qtractor, maybe caused by a dangling pointer or duplicate exit code path.

    bisect of zyn is in order. unfortunately i am not familiar with the zyn code base but maybe next year ;)

  • Jeremy Jongepier

    Ok, then I'll take it to the ZynAddSubFX guys. And indeed, I have very little experience debugging stuff, I'm learning :)

  • Jeremy Jongepier

    But maybe next year you're going to familiarize yourself with the Zyn code base? OMG , got a visual, got a visual, great looking Zyn LV2 plug-in with a Qt GUI...

  • Albert Graef

    Albert Graef - 2012-12-29

    Hi Jeremy, Rui,

    I'm also getting bitten by this. Too bad, after installing Ubuntu 12.04 and the kxstudio stuff on my laptop I was really looking forward to being able to run zyn as a plugin in Qtractor. Jeremy, if you open a bug report at the zyn website, could you please leave a link here? Thanks.


  • Rui Nuno Capela

    Rui Nuno Capela - 2012-12-29

    i've tested with a fresh build of zynaddsubfx-dssi-2.4.3 and yes it crashes but it seems that it only happens on close (de-instantiation). iow. it works fine until one closes session.

    is that your case as well? might be of interest for a bug report. ;)

    and no, please don't wait for me on the zyn/qt/lv2 front, not in the next year :)

  • Jeremy Jongepier

    It doesn't happen on de-instantiation in my case. It happens when trying to do something with the plug-in (activating, enabling monitoring, selecting a preset). I've opened a bug report on the Zyn project page: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3598884&group_id=62934&atid=502312

    I've attached a gdb log there also but that one looks different so I'll add it here too. Maybe it gives some other pointers.

  • Jeremy Jongepier

    Hi Rui, you can close this bug report. The Zyn DSSI plugin has been obsoleted by falkTX's LV2 port.

  • Rui Nuno Capela

    Rui Nuno Capela - 2014-03-09
    • status: open --> pending
  • Rui Nuno Capela

    Rui Nuno Capela - 2014-03-27
    • status: pending --> closed

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