#13 draw lines to modify MIDI controllers


I know you're already aware of the demand for this feature seeing as I think I requested it on the old feature request tracker and multiple other people have openly wished for this on the LM forums and elsewhere in LA (la) land but I just wanted to log it here to make it an officially registered request as its one of the very few 'must have' (for nice usability & workflow) features I'm missing now.

Thanks Rui!


  • Rui Nuno Capela

    Rui Nuno Capela - 2012-10-28

    there's news on svn trunk rev.3033+ (aka. qtractor

    • Free-hand retouch of event values, while on the MIDI clip editor's
      view pane below the main piano-roll (eg. velocities or controllers),
      is now possible provided the target events are selected, otherwise
      the usual painting edit sub-mode applies (cf. menu Edit/Select Mode/
      Edit Draw). (EXPERIMENTAL)


  • Rui Nuno Capela

    Rui Nuno Capela - 2012-10-28
    • status: open --> pending
  • Rui Nuno Capela

    Rui Nuno Capela - 2012-11-13
    • status: pending --> closed

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