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Moving to GitHub!

Development in the world of Luminance HDR has been slow in the slow in the last year. While we have some new things to put out soon, we couldn't do enough coding to put out a chunky release for you folks out there! We have started realizing that, despite our effort, our lives are claiming their space and time, which means less coding for our baby.

Hence we made the decision that if we want to speed up again the development, we need to move where the best developers are, and this platform seems to be GitHub nowadays. Sourceforge served as well for a long time, and the project is still open, but the code repository is now on GitHub at We will probably move the issue tracker on GitHub as well in the next few days, and we will probably open a new subproject to create a better manual.... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2015-02-24

Luminance HDR 2.4.0

Luminance HDR 2.4.0 is out!

This release introduces a few new features: automatic anti-ghosting, FITS support, integration with Windows Task Bar, improved I/O with TIFF 32 bit (which will make possible to export to third party software for high-quality post processing), redesigned merge algorithms.

Of course, because we have so many new features out on the table, we are aware that we might have a lot of bug reports: please use our Tracker and we will try to tackle them as soon as possible.... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2014-01-27

Luminance HDR 2.3.1

We are pleased to announce Luminance HDR 2.3.1, an improvement release for Luminance HDR.

It's a long time since version 2.3.0: unfortunately 2012 has been a really busy year for all of us in the development team, so we couldn't dedicate much time to the project. However, we are now up to speed and we will try to push releases more often, with new features.... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2013-04-07


I want to say it straight: I am sorry! I seriously am! I am sorry because you are not getting Luminance HDR's updates as fast as you want (and I wish).

From a personal prospective, last year did not exactly go as I wanted, and this year is not starting better. Working on Luminance HDR was much simpler when I was a PhD student: I could manage  my time, and allocate my resources as I wanted. I could even sit  in front of Luminance HDR's code for a couple of days in a row and code what I wanted, without even showing up in the lab for my PhD. However, since I start working, I have to find pieces of spare time here and there and try to get the maximum out of it. On top, most of my 2012 was allocate to finish my PhD thesis, something I really could not procrastinate.... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2013-02-28

Luminance HDR 2.3.0

We are pleased to announce Luminance HDR 2.3.0, a shiny new major release with important new features, than completes the progress of the beta version of 8 weeks ago.

Thanks to the important work made by Franco and Daniel, this new release brings into Luminance HDR a brand new colour management system, improved JPG, TIFF and PNG readers and writers and a new image alignment tool for RAW files as well (plus many other small changes). Since the beta1, minor flaws and bugs have been fixed. Moreover, we ported the new colour management system from LCMS to LCMS2.... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2012-07-01

Sourceforge Project of the Month May 2012

It is a big pleasure for me to announce that Luminance HDR won the award as May 2012 Sourceforge Project of the Month. It is  an honour for us to win this award, that has been given to absolutely brilliant projects for the last 10 years. And it is also a good occasion to talk a bit more in detail on what is going on in Luminance HDR.... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2012-05-02

Luminance HDR 2.3.0-beta1

We are pleased to announce Luminance HDR 2.3.0-beta1, a major release with important new features.

Thanks to the important work made by Franco and Daniel, this new release brings into Luminance HDR a brand new color management system, improved JPG, TIFF and PNG readers and writers and a new image alignment tool for RAW files as well (plus many other small changes).... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2012-04-29

Support us!

Luminance HDR is shortlisted for the May 2012 Sourceforge Project of the Month. If you want to support us, you can vote for Luminance HDR at this link*. If you want to know more about Sourceforge Project of the Month, you can go to this link.

* You need a Twitter account to vote!... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2012-04-10

Luminance HDR 2.2.1

We are pleased to announce Luminance HDR 2.2.1, a minor release with a few bug fixes.

For all the Windows users, TIFF support is now fully working again. Moreover, we also decided to split the GUI and the CLI into two independent executable: for those who use the CLI often, you have to use the new luminance-hdr-cli executable. This choice has several positive sides: Luminance HDR starts on Windows in a blink of an eye now, while the CLI is finally available on Mac OS X as well.... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2012-03-11

Luminance HDR 2.2.0

We are pleased to announce Luminance HDR 2.2.0.

A long time has passed since the last Luminance HDR (2.1.0), however we did work a lot on it, both on the user interface and on the internal engine. We do have great ideas of how to improve it even more, so we decided to give you the effort of around six months of work while we continue working on it.... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2012-01-22

Update on the next release

This blog post is a little update on the status of Luminance HDR.

We have been working on a new version of Luminance HDR since the release of the current version, trying to improve functionalities and add a few more, with the aim of giving you a better software. Our core development team now counts a new member (Bruce), that has been a patch supplier for a long time before joining our team. However, we didn&8217;t plan yet when and how the next release will be (maybe christmas?), so it might take long. Be patient!... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2011-10-25

Mailing Lists

We decided to open 3 new mailing lists with the aim of a closer relationship with users, translators and potential developers. These mailing lists can be found here:

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2011-10-23

Luminance HDR 2.1.0 is OUT

Luminance HDR 2.1.0 is now available. For more info, please refer to:

Posted by Davide 2011-08-20

Luminance HDR 2.1.0

We are pleased to announce a new version of Luminance HDR. We are changing Luminance HDR deeply, re-factoring a lot of the legacy code. We are trying to add new features and at the same time take out the maximum from new multicore machines using new development techniques. This version is absolutely a big improvement for Windows users, which will experience a more stable and faster software. I do not want to list all the changes we made for this version, it will be too long, but we are definitely waiting for your comments in order to bring out a version 2.1.1 really quickly with all the improvements and the bug fix that Luminance HDR may require.... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2011-08-20

Luminance, 64 bits and Macs (Lion?)

I have been working on Mac OS X since I have taken the lead of the Luminance HDR project. Mac OS X is a nice platform, supported well by Qt, with several good quality external tool available (mainly coming from the Linux world). I did a lot of work to shape a nice interface on OS X and I will do more work later on this aspect.
To make my life easier, I decided to release a 32 bit only version of Luminance HDR (both for Windows and Mac OS X). Luminance however can be compiled in 64 bit without any drawback and this has several advantages. And in fact Daniel Kaneider&8217;s work on a Win64 and my experiment with Universal compilation prove that.
So, since I started the development line that will bring to Luminance HDR 2.1.0 (still don&8217;t know when!), I worked with the idea to release 64 bit builds at the end.... read more

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2011-06-22

Luminance HDR 2.0.0 Final is out

Hi everybody,
After a long time of development Luminance HDR Version 2 is eventually out.
Windows users can buy the binary installer clicking on the Buy Now button below.
Linux (as well as Windows and Mac OSX) users can download the source code following the download link as usual. Fedora users can find pre-packaged binaries at the same place, other Linux users should ask their vendors.

Posted by Franco Comida 2010-06-02

Luminance 2.0-SVN668

Luminance 2.0-SVN668 is out.

The new version of our beloved Qtpfsgui is now very usable and stable.
All the old features are still there, among the new ones we have:

1) Cropping of HDRs
2) Tonemapping of a selected rectangle for a quick preview
3) A new operator (Mantiuk '08)
4) All old operators updated
5) HDR in Tonemapping Window

....some more to find out.

This is still beta software

Posted by Franco Comida 2009-12-08

Help Needed

Hi everybody, I'll just go ahead and say it: Qtpfsgui is in dire need of help.
For the last couple of years the project has been needing help. As Alexandre noted there are a couple of avenues worth exploring and an handful of bugs to fix.
We need people willing to work on the project, mainly developers but also all-around "resource organizer".
So if you want to help please drop us a line.

Posted by Giuseppe Rota 2009-11-23

Qtpfsgui 1.9.2

A new version is out, hopefully this will fix the several "filename encoding" bugs that afflict the windows version.
Noteworthy are also the modifications to the Mantiuk algorithm by Ed Brambley (speed improvement and changed behavior) and a graphical widget that enables the user to change the language.

Posted by Giuseppe Rota 2008-05-01

Qtpfsgui 1.9.1

Qtpfsgui 1.9.1 has been released. This is a small update with these main features/bugfixes:
fixed the align_image_stack "missing prefix" bug
users can now save the preview of a HDR.
Added hdr panoramic functionality (projections).
Fixed bug in exif code leading to crash when having utf8 characters in the path and/or filename.
(read the Changelog or the README file for more details)

Posted by Giuseppe Rota 2008-03-02

German translation of the manual

Thomas Martin has provided a German translation of Qtpfsgui's manual, thank you Thomas!

Posted by Giuseppe Rota 2008-02-09

Qtpfsgui v1.9.0 released

After a long time, here's the new version of Qtpfsgui: 1.9.0.
Here's a list of the main new features:

* Interactive anti ghosting.
* Hdr creation wizard revisited (increased usability).
* Added manual anti-ghosting feature (for LDRs only)
* Fixed Mantiuk tone mapper glitch
* Removed integrated dcraw implementation: now using the external executable (this removes the libjpeg direct dependency)
* Fixed durand02 bug (range=0)
* Added commandline interface
* Clicking on the tone mapper progress bar in the interactive tone mapping dialog will terminate the tone mapping process... [read more](/p/qtpfsgui/news/2007/12/qtpfsgui-v190-released/)
Posted by Giuseppe Rota 2007-12-16

Qtpfsgui v1.8.10 released

This is the first release of Qtpfsgui to support the OpenEXR file format for the windows users (the dll package has been updated to V4).
It also contains an initial implementation of the batch functionality (load M input HDRs, load N input tone mapping settings files, click a button and you'll get M*N LDR results). You can also specify how many threads you want in order to use all the CPUs in a multi-core SMP architecture.
As usual you can find the latest release on SF's download page here:
Old bugs have been fixed, but there's a bug in Qt 4.2.0 and 4.2.1 that prevents successful compilation with debug messages disabled.
With messages enabled it works fine, all the details here:

Posted by Giuseppe Rota 2007-07-15

Qtpfsgui v1.8.8 released

This marks a major release for Qtpfsgui. A nasty bug causing several crashes in the windows version has finally been fixed.
Also, Qtpfsgui can now be translated in your language (supports i18n, see
Several usability issues have been solved along the way (Added "All supported files ..." file-filter where appropriate, added shortcuts, fixed text labels, fixed "dead" buttons).
The build system has been improved, providing better support for distro packagers.
In the 1.8.8 release you will find the English and Italian translations. In SVN you'll also find the Polish, German, French and Spanish translations. These other translations will be released in the next version of Qtpfsgui.

Posted by Giuseppe Rota 2007-05-22

Qtpfsgui v1.8.3 released

Added the possibility to load image files without exif data: the user will specify manually the difference in exposure values (EV or stops).
Added online documentation: manual,FAQ,hints.
The tonemapping dialog remembers the last used filename.
Fixed PowerPC compile-time alignment bug.
Fixed aperture=0 bug.
Fixed fc6 compile-time bug.

Posted by Giuseppe Rota 2007-03-22

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