Qtpfsgui v1.8.8 released

This marks a major release for Qtpfsgui. A nasty bug causing several crashes in the windows version has finally been fixed.
Also, Qtpfsgui can now be translated in your language (supports i18n, see http://qtpfsgui.sourceforge.net/i18n.html).
Several usability issues have been solved along the way (Added "All supported files ..." file-filter where appropriate, added shortcuts, fixed text labels, fixed "dead" buttons).
The build system has been improved, providing better support for distro packagers.
In the 1.8.8 release you will find the English and Italian translations. In SVN you'll also find the Polish, German, French and Spanish translations. These other translations will be released in the next version of Qtpfsgui.

Posted by Giuseppe Rota 2007-05-22

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