Ciao Francesco,
It might be, as you say, a wrong setting for the white point. Our approach to the RAW processing is quite minimalistic at the moment and, except of those parameters that can be set in the preference panel, nothing else can be controlled from outside.

However the problem can also derive from another source: during the merge process, depending on the profile, some pixels are considered untrustwhorty, and hence considered either pure white or pure black. Of course this might introduce blown highlights even when at least one of the images has none (as seems to be your case).

I will be happy to look at the cause if you can drop your raw files somewhere, where I can download them.


On 10 Oct 2012 11:38, "Francesco Scaglioni" <> wrote:

I don't know if this list is still active or not (if not
then any advice as to other most welcome).

If I load three raw files from a 7D in to luminance-hdr (the
darkest of which when checked with the histograms of ufraw,
rawstudio and darktable) contains no blown highlights the
final output from luminance-hdr always contains some blown
highlights.  I wondered if this was related to the raw white
point setting used by luminance (there was a similar isse
wuth colout casts in DT recently).  If it is to do t=with
the whitepoint waw setting then I cannot find where it is
configured (I had expected a "cameras.xml" or equivalent
somewhere but couldn't find it).  If it is not a whilte
point setting then any advice most welcome.

Many Thanks,


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