Hi All,
I hope you are ready for the end of the year festivities, so I want to take the chance to wish you all the best for the 2014.

I haven't worked on Luminance HDR for a while, but thanks to the work of Daniel and Franco, we are ready to put out some new features and see whether we can improve the project further.

One of these changes is the qt5-new branch, so the move to Qt5. Qt5 seems to be improving faster and faster, and at the moment it seems to be the only version of Qt that works on the latest Mac OS X revision (10.9.x), so I am personally inclined to move ahead and merge this branch.

I have no idea what the situation is on the Linux distributions at the moment (did any moved to Qt5?). From the Windows point of view, Daniel is ready to make the switch. 

Any thoughts? Maybe we can improve our CMake scripts to use Qt4 if Qt5 is not available? How hard can that be? Does it worth the effort?