Hi Bruce,
did you try again to run Luminance HDR with these images recently?


On 12 September 2013 00:16, Bruce Guenter <bruce@untroubled.org> wrote:

I've been using luminance from the master git branch, and have noticed
for a while that the HDRs I've been generating have been nearly useless.
I thought for a while that I might have taken the images wrong, but
today went back to the v.2.3.1 tag and found that it worked as expected.

The symptom I'm seeing is that, after merging, the dark areas of the
resulting HDR are nearly flat black, as if a black level has been
imposed on the HDR. If I load the same raw files I use to generate the
HDRs, there is still some detail in the dark areas (albeit not quite as
much as the HDR should have).

I've been trying to see where the problem started with git bisect, but
there are a lot of commits that don't compile for me (on Linux). I've
narrowed it down to something between:

(bad) 2ac6d22e1013a045eb1b4792ec4141e9f6c7c7d8 [Test suite]: Fix compilation on Linux
(good) f6f785df80f40b9e0132d42ba2647068870d4c14 [JpegReader] refactor JpegReader to fit the FrameReader virtual interface. Complete refactoring of the internal structure and remove dependency from Qt

The previews in the HDR creation wizard also look like junk, but that
could be something else.

I've uploaded two sample raws I've been testing with and a few
screenshots to my web site to show what I'm seeing:


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