Hi Bruce,
yes, there is: #include <QFile> solves the problem!
I've still haven't had time to push it: I'll do it now!


On 07/05/2012 21:30, Bruce Guenter wrote:
Commit 8910073a on git master has caused compile failures for me:

/home/bruce/dev/luminance-hdr/src/Fileformat/jpegwriter.cpp: In member function ‘bool JpegWriter::writeQImageToJpeg()’:
/home/bruce/dev/luminance-hdr/src/Fileformat/jpegwriter.cpp:231:24: error: ‘QFile’ has not been declared
/home/bruce/dev/luminance-hdr/src/Fileformat/pngwriter.cpp: In member function ‘bool PngWriter::writeQImageToPng()’:
/home/bruce/dev/luminance-hdr/src/Fileformat/pngwriter.cpp:77:24: error: ‘QFile’ has not been declared

Reverting that commit on top of master fixes the problem.  Is there an
include that should get added to those files?

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