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using now Qt 4.4.3 dlls, added updated OpenEXR DLLs (IlmBase 1.0.1 and OpenEXR 1.6.1), added pthreadGC2.dll (required by gcc's OpenMP implementation), added exiv2 0.18 dll (required for tiff write support).

git-svn-id: 479317e0-7f23-0410-9f0e-fdaa22894045

Giuseppe Rota Giuseppe Rota 2009-01-06

changed dll package/QtCore4.dll
changed dll package/QtGui4.dll
changed dll package/imageformats/qjpeg4.dll
removed dll package/libHalf-4.dll
added dll package/libHalf-6.dll
removed dll package/libIex-4.dll
added dll package/libIex-6.dll
removed dll package/libIlmImf-4.dll
added dll package/libIlmImf-6.dll
removed dll package/libIlmThread-4.dll
added dll package/libIlmThread-6.dll
added dll package/libexiv2-5.dll
added dll package/pthreadGC2.dll
changed dll package/readme-DLL.txt
dll package/QtCore4.dll
Binary file was changed.
dll package/QtGui4.dll
Binary file was changed.
dll package/imageformats/qjpeg4.dll
Binary file was changed.
dll package/libHalf-4.dll
File was removed.
dll package/libHalf-6.dll
Binary file was added.
dll package/libIex-4.dll
File was removed.
dll package/libIex-6.dll
Binary file was added.
dll package/libIlmImf-4.dll
File was removed.
dll package/libIlmImf-6.dll
Binary file was added.
dll package/libIlmThread-4.dll
File was removed.
dll package/libIlmThread-6.dll
Binary file was added.
dll package/libexiv2-5.dll
Binary file was added.
dll package/pthreadGC2.dll
Binary file was added.
dll package/readme-DLL.txt Diff Switch to side-by-side view

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