#168 Creation of HDR from manual exposures is broken


When creating a HDR from manually exposed source images, the "Exposure" value is "+0.00 EV" for all of them. It is possible to adjust the exposure using the slider below the preview, but this requires manually calculating what the actual exposure difference was. When combined with autoalign, the resulting HDR is messed up as well, looking much the same as naively leaving the exposure values at zero.

FWIW I use manual exposure frequently to create HDRs when the range provided by my camera's exposure compensation isn't large enough. For example, combining full sun and deep shadow can easily require -4EV compensation or more to contain the bright highlights.


  • Davide

    Davide - 2014-01-28

    Hi Bruce, as you have seen, we have release 2.4.0 with this feature in. I want to see how many users actually have the problem before deciding to switch back the old behaviour. However, I take ownership of the ticket: feel free to fire me an email if you want to discuss further (you know the address).

  • Davide

    Davide - 2014-01-28
    • assigned_to: Davide

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