#107 Crashes on high resolution HDR pictures (.exr .tiff)

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When I try to open HDR Images created with Hugin, luminance shows the picture for a very short moment and then crashes.
Then I tried the batch functionality, which works partly. The original image has a resolution of 11053x1566.
In my first try the XSIZE was set to 1024 in the preset I used. That resulted in an Image with 1024 x 145 pixel. all fine.
Then I tried the native resolution, so i edited the file for XSIZE 11053, the batch crashed after a few seconds, or rather luminance closed instantly.
On the next try I entered an XSIZE of 8000. And hurraay it worked. But suprisingly the resolution of the resulting picture is 11053x1566 ?!?

Tested on Windows 7 x64 with both, 32bit and 64bit version of luminance and on Kubuntu. All showing the same behavior.
The batch part is only tested on 32bit version of luminance on Windows 7 x64.

So I think Luminance has serious problems to handle high resolution pictures, at least on one axis.
For a test I created a blank 11053x1566 tiff picture (LZW or without compression) and tried to load it as a hdr picture to luminance, also leading to a crash. So I will not upload a test picture, since it is easy to create (and 50MB(blank) or 200MB (real picture) .tiffs hard to share).


  • Davide

    Davide - 2012-01-16

    Can you make a test for me? Try to open Luminance with an image that does NOT crash and then DISABLE the preview panel (into Tools). Then close your image and open the one that crashes Luminance: do you still see the same behaviour? you shouldn't, because I had a bug report about it a few weeks ago I have sorted this problem. However, if you still experience it, I will dig into it more.

    Regarding the BatchTM, I've just fix the problem in the main trunk.

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    Anonymous - 2012-01-16

    Ah ok, this works!! No more crash when disabling the preview panel!
    What makes me wonder is, that the XSIZE parameter 8000 produces a picture in original resolution?! I will try now for non-batch processing.

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