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Back with 0.1-16

After a week's break, here's a new release with splash screen, progress dialog on POV-Ray run, semi-working "-no-gui" option, and other minor fixes.
And yeah, still no alpha-1 pass. But getting closer.

Posted by tinco 2010-04-15

Layer inversion: 0.1-15

In the canvas controls, numpad-0 will flip the color in a layer, so transparent pixels get the layer color, and colored pixels become transparent. This is also default on "stc" and "sts" layers now.

Posted by tinco 2010-04-04

Offset tuning in canvas: 0.1-14

Using numpad digits, adjust pixel offset per layer in 2D canvas view.
Also use '[', ']' to switch active layer, and space to toggle visibility.
Render-button in POV export dialog works now.
For frivolity, see -do-jingle / -no-jingle.

Posted by tinco 2010-04-03

HTML map export: 0.1-13

Like previous releases, yet another half-implemented feature added: File->Html for image with component map. Lacks compo info for now.

Some fixes in compo export to povray, otherwise still far from complete.

Posted by tinco 2010-03-31

Partial Centroid: 0.1-12

For component placement we need 5 things:
(1) Centroid file parser,
(2) mapping to component models,
(3) generating shapes in 3D export,
(4) ditto in 3D viewport, and
(5) plot on 2D viewport.
We now have partial (1) - single sample tested only; some (3) - just yellow markers, and no (2) (4) (5) at all.

Posted by tinco 2010-03-30

Better POV dialog: 0.1-11

The new, separate POV export dialog now has half the options it should have, but it's a start. Also merged over to -out/-err/-std options from qtamaze.

Posted by tinco 2010-03-28

Call to POV-Ray: 0.1-10.

New pre-alpha release 0.1-10, includes invoking POV-Ray automatically during export to gen image. Prelim version, no error checks, threading, etc.; cf. options -povrun, -povexe.
File args on CLI now open as separate layers (in CLI order).

Posted by tinco 2010-03-27

Some ".dim" support: 0.1-9 out

New release 0.1-9 does partial support of board outlines define in ".dim" file when doing POV-Ray support. Still very partial: only handles 1 exterior, which must be first, followed by only cuts inside that exterior outline, and no drill-holes (".txt" file) support yet. Note the 3D OpenGL view does not support outlines yet. The POV-Ray export uses "prism" objects for this.

Posted by tinco 2010-03-24

On Softpedia

Got tested and linked by Softpedia: see and for more info. Thanks!

This may be a little premature though as we're still pre-alpha, don't try to use this for anything until version 0.2 comes out, unless you're a developer on this project.

Posted by tinco 2010-03-23

Intermediate 0.1-8: first 3D export

Fixes for the (still far from complete) 3D/OpenGL panel.
Also: File>Pov does (mostly working) export as POV-Ray model, with the PCB sitting at an angle on a wooden table. Primitive but it's a start.

Posted by tinco 2010-03-22

Intermediate 0.1-7: buggy 3D view panel

Unstable, but first try at incorporating 3D/OpenGL panel into gent.

Posted by tinco 2010-03-19

Intermediate 0.1-6: snapshots

Another not-quite-there release.
Added snapshot feature in stepper, fixed step/cont.
Minor other fixes e.g. window icon.

Posted by tinco 2010-03-18

Intermediate redux: 0.1-5.

Halfway working code in state view now, not ripe for production use.
New options: -do-view, -no-view, -active, -load; new shortcut Ctrl-B.
Still no progress on 3D-view and load wizard.

Posted by tinco 2010-03-17

Intermediate: 0.1-4

Merged in save-settings code from qtamaze.
Started adding scanner state viewer, but not complete yet; see View>View for the mock-up panel.
Try option "-alpha 150" for semi-transparent layer overlays.
No progress yet on load-wizard or 3D view.

Posted by tinco 2010-03-16

Multiple layers

Release 0.1-3 out; adds multiple layers, see control panel on right.
New: Edit>Clear, Edit>Remove, Edit>Active, Edit>Load.
Old File>Open is now Edit>Load, new File>Open loads files as separate layers.
Supports a few more AM/AD variants.
Added dummy Help>Help text. Updated dev document.

Posted by tinco 2010-03-14

Pre-alpha binaries: 0.1-2.

Added File>Open, File>New, Help>Update, and more stuff inside.
Still not usable except for initial testing of the scanner.

Posted by tinco 2010-03-11

Pre-alpha binaries: 0.1-1.

Produced and distributed binaries for Ubuntu and WinXP.
These are not actually useful, this is just to test out the build scripts and distribution system.

Posted by tinco 2010-03-11

Scanner passed 1st test

The very first part of this program, the scanner that reads RS-247X files, just managed to successfully scan its first real-life sample file. The scanner is far from complete, just implemented enough to pass this one test; still, it's a good validation of the basic scanner/lexer logic, and a very first milestone (one of many...).

Posted by tinco 2010-03-10

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