Detailed Error Logs

  • Manni79

    Manni79 - 2014-08-15

    Hello Thomas,

    nice to see you are back active on your project.

    Biggest Problem I have, that I get very often the Message:

    "Backup Set XYZ mit Fehlern beendet.
    Soll das Backup Set dennoch als gültig gesetzt werden"

    (text written out of mind, could be not the exact wording)

    Sometime there is a details-Button and sometimes not. But even when there is a details-Button, I can't see the real problem and more important, I don't see the affected files. But that's a major problem I think, because which such a warning, a User really wants to see what files are not correctly saved.

    So would be very nice, when you could add some good details about errors at the and and what files had problems at sync. And a list with files which are not correctly synced.

    Big Thanks

  • Manni79

    Manni79 - 2014-08-29

    Hello again,

    or when I am incorrect and there are already all details which files are not synced fine, please let me know.

    Thanks a lot

  • Thomas Döring

    Thomas Döring - 2014-09-17

    The thing is: There is nothing more rsync spits out. rsync is run using verbose settings and even with that you often get no more infos than what you get. Sorry. I can't do anything about that. THIS time it's rsyncs fault. I guess.

  • Manni79

    Manni79 - 2015-02-24

    Hi Thomas.

    that's really a pity. For me it would be a big requirement and it should be a default function for Backup Tool like rsync, to show a list of of files, which could not backup correctly. :-(

    I think, for everybody it must be important to know, when and which files are not saved correctly.


  • wired

    wired - 2015-04-12

    As far as I know, rsync provides a log-file:


    So for error tracking it may be an option to write a log in the qtdsync-directory. At least trained persons may check the output.

    Yes, I'm also looking for this feature - desperately.

  • wired

    wired - 2015-05-02

    I just discovered how to get the original rsync-error-log:

    In the folder-settings just add "--log-file=c:\Users\USER\Qtd.log" to the expert options of QtdSync. For example:

    --hard-links --delete --ignore-errors --force --delete-excluded --log-file=C:\Users\wired\QtdSync.log

    Apparently you have to avoid blanks. In global-settings it doesn't work for me.

    And I also just discovered: the log with the rsync command line and the incremental file list, which is shown after every manual backup, is by default saved in C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Temp\ Set.log - even though this doesn't help your to identify the errors.


    Last edit: wired 2015-05-02

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