Ogg Vorbis file requires 20 secs to load

  • Christian Liensberger


    i read the forum but is there any possibility to solve the problem with the slow loading of ogg files?

    http://www.illadvised.com/~jordy/ Here it is possible to download a fixed version of the plugin. BUT! it is packed in a .dmg file. So it's not possible to open it under Windows :(

    Has anybody the unpacked version? Could anybody upload it anywhere, so that windows user can download the fixed version and install it for ogg support in iTunes?

    Thank you!!!!


    • Hugo Forss

      Hugo Forss - 2003-12-18

      wouldn't help you much if someone sent you the unpacked file since it's macos x only as far as i can tell.

    • Michael Baltaks

      Michael Baltaks - 2004-04-21

      Look in this thread http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1012726&forum_id=135636

      Various compiled versions of the faster component have been posted there.


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