Album Artwork doesnt work?

  • Damien Uern

    Damien Uern - 2004-12-24


    When I try to add album artwork to albums in ogg format, itunes says "Album artwork not modifiable". What is the deal with that? Surely itunes doesnt depend on the music format to support album art? I would've thought it would be stored in a separate database. Weird.

    Anyway to fix this? :)

    P.S: I can't get qtcomponents to compile in XCode :( 211 errors, latest vorbis/ogg from subversion repository. Anyone got any tips for getting it to work on OSX 10.3.7?

    • mugget

      mugget - 2005-05-12

      the album artwork isn't modifiable because it's recognized as a QuickTime Movie file, not an audio file. of course it still plays okay... but it makes sense. how can you add album art to a movie file.  :P

      it's not stored in a seperate database, the album art is added to the tags/metadata or the file. at least this is what happens when you add some album art to a MP3 file.

      hopefully a new version will be able to remedy this?


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