loading oggs in iTunes is dog slow!

  • Anonymous - 2003-04-23


    I've got a few Gb's of oggs on a server. When I try to listen to them in iTunes, I get pauses of several seconds between each song. It also takes several minutes before I can listen to the file after adding them.

    Does this have to do with what a earlier poster asked - that the plugin tries to read the whole file before playing it? If so, I can forget listening to my collection with iTunes.



    • Alexander Thomas

      Yep, I also noticed this. Since I only play files locally, this is not really a problem for me, but it still is annoying and if you're playing your files from a slow server then it is indeed unacceptable. I don't believe this is QuickTime specific, otherwise it would occur with all audio codecs. It also doesn't only happen in iTunes, but in all QuickTime-based players.
      I don't know much about QuickTime components but I think this problem must be fixable.

    • Doug Kelly

      Doug Kelly - 2003-07-03

      I'm fairly certain this has to do with the fact the Ogg Vorbis QuickTime component waits for EOF before beginning to play.  The same issue occurs when trying to listen to an Ogg Vorbis stream.


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