Any developers in here?

  • Alexander Thomas

    It seems like the original developer of this plugin doesn't have the time to improve this thing, yet it still needs improvement. I guess many Mac users think the OGG format sucks just because of this plugin's behavior. The sporadical hiccups, the inability to stream files and - especially - the consequential delays when opening files (even locally) are downward annoying. It shouldn't be too hard to fix this, but I don't have any experience with programming stuff like this.
    If anyone with more experience would be willing to dig into the source code and improve it, I and many other people would be very grateful!

    • Michael Baltaks

      Michael Baltaks - 2004-04-21

      Not many it seems. I've built a binary for Mac OS X with the latest cvs code as of the date of this posting, plus a small fix for case sensitivity in tags, available at

      However, this is built against the 1.0 tarballs of libvorbis and libogg. I can't work out what's wrong, but using XCode under 10.3.3 the xiph cvs libogg and libvorbis won't compile with this component. If I figure that out I'll rebuild my component.

      • Alexander Thomas

        You seem to be motivated to improve this plugin. Shouldn't you join the development crew so you can add your fixes to the 'official' code? It seems like the other developers don't have much time and/or interest to work on this thing anymore...

      • Steve Nicolai

        Steve Nicolai - 2004-04-28


        I'm not sure why you need to patch and rebuild 1.0d7 to fix the case insensitivity bug, it's already fixed in 1.0d7.

        Please email me directly via my address at sourceforge if you need to contact me.  I rarely read the forums due to lack of time.

        • Michael Baltaks

          Michael Baltaks - 2004-05-11

          Ok, lack of time here also, email sent including patch.


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