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Really Buggy

  • Sam Halliday

    Sam Halliday - 2005-04-17

    hi there,

    i appreciate the work from the authors of this plugin... it really sucks that apple don't support oggs.

    but i see serious performance issues in OS X 10.3.8. sometimes an ogg will register as being played and it's finished playing. so my playlist will just pause until i hit next.

    more often than not, the sound will just cut off for a second or two.

    is anyone working on this project, and what are the hopes for QT7 support when tiger comes out?

    if no hope... i think i'll just convert everything back to mp3. it sucks, i expect its like using babelfish to go from english to german and back. i originally converted to ogg as i used linux at the time and their were fears of no more mp3 support...

    • Mark Dixon

      Mark Dixon - 2005-05-05

      Why not convert to AAC? Its much better than MP3, and it works on your iPod.

      • Damien Uern

        Damien Uern - 2005-05-05

        I eventually did that because the ogg qt component just wouldn't work properly. However, I'm coming from Linux (my desktop PC runs linux), and so most of my music is in ogg format. I lose quality converting it, and I cbf'ed re-ripping it.

        It'd be great if the ogg component worked flawlessly like AAC and MP3 does in iTunes, but it doesn't and there aren't a lot of developers willing to work on it it would seem. It would be nice if Apple just supported it natively. But then I guess there would be an expectation that your ogg music would work on your ipod - and I can't see them ever enabling ogg support on the ipod. 99% of their customers have no idea what ogg is and don't care.


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