OggVorbis.component broken in Tiger

  • Joshua Root

    Joshua Root - 2005-04-27

    iTunes won't play Vorbis files after upgrading to Tiger, i.e. selecting a file and clicking the play button does nothing. If I try to open my .ogg files with QuickTime Player, it claims that the file "is not a file that QuickTime understands."

    I tried building the component myself with a deployment target of 10.4, but it still won't work. Unfortunately I don't know how to go about debugging a QuickTime component.

    Debugging tips and/or patches would be greatly appreciated!

    • Steven Stillaway

      It is also broken in 10.3.9 after you upgrade to Quicktime 7.0.

      Not a big surprise there.

    • Stig Sandbeck Mathisen

      Similar problem here, crash dump log at http://fnord.no/Members/ssm/logs/iTunes.crash.log

    • Robert Ames

      Robert Ames - 2005-05-02

      /me too.  Anything I can do to help?  I've got the link to the "QT 6.5.2 re-installer" that apple support gave me, am trying that to see if it fixes anything.


      • Joshua Root

        Joshua Root - 2005-05-03

        Reinstalling QuickTme 6.5.2 should make the component work again if you are running Panther, but I would be surprised if QT 6 works at all under Tiger.

    • Mark Dixon

      Mark Dixon - 2005-05-05

      I posted on this in open discussion. Quicktime seems to be returning null audio data from the audio stream. Its definately Quicktime 7 that is killing it.

    • Bodo Tasche

      Bodo Tasche - 2005-08-19

      Is someone able to fix this? I really want to play my ogg-Files within iTunes :(

    • Kate Davey

      Kate Davey - 2005-10-11

      There is now a fix!  Go to http://zskl.zsk.p.lodz.pl/~skali/oggvorbis.html for a new component that works with Quicktime 7/iTunes 5/Tiger!!!


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