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HELP! iTunes won't advance to next track

  • Clever Nickname

    Clever Nickname - 2004-11-23

    I've been seeing a strange (and annoying) problem recently when playing ogg tracks in iTunes.  When playback reaches the end of some tracks, it won't advance to the next track.  It just sits there.  The play/pause button indicates it's still playing but the remaining time is 0:00 and nothing happens, no matter how long I wait.  If I hit the fast forward button, it advances correctly and continues playing.  Needless to say, this is very irritating.

    All of the tracks I've seen this on are ogg vorbis files (I have very few MP3s).  It doesn't do it with every track, however.  With OggVorbis.qtx 1.0d5, it happened with about 90% of the tracks I played.  With 1.0d8, it happens with about 25%, and always on the same tracks.

    I did not have this problem until the latest QT update from Apple.  I'm on QT 6.5.2, iTunes 4.7 (41), OS X 10.3.6 and OggVorbis.qtx 1.0d8.

    Is anyone else seeing this behavior?  Is there a workaround I'm just not thinking of?


    • Tim Allen

      Tim Allen - 2004-12-22

      I haven't been using iTunes much recently for various reasons, so I can't compare statistics, but this is *definitely* happening to me too, and it started when I installed iTunes 4.7 (and presumably the latest version of QuickTime). I'm using OS X 10.3.7 and OggVorbis.component 1.0d7.

      I'll see if 1.0d8 does any better.

      • Tim Allen

        Tim Allen - 2004-12-23

        I was listening to an album I have in Vorbis format yesterday with 1.0d7 and was getting the not-advance-to-next-track problem. Now I've updated to 1.0d8 and it plays through properly. I haven't made an exhaustive examination of my other Vorbis tracks, though.

    • James Nash

      James Nash - 2005-05-12

      Yeps I was getting this too (don't get it anymore coz the ogg component doesn't work at all in QT7 :'( ). Didn't really keep track of which QT version I had when it started happening though - sorry!


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