Help with .OGM file

  • Anonymous - 2003-01-16

    What exactly is an .ogm file?  Is it the sma e as an .ogg file?  I have installed your Quicktime component in my 6.0.1 pro copy and I still can't open my .ogm file.  The only way I have been able to work with it was to install ffdshow and OggDS on a PC and then I can view my file via Windows Media Player.  I want to convert this to an MPEG or VCD that I can burn on a CDR (all on a Mac if possible).  Anybody out there have any ideas?  Here are the file specs:

    Video Codec: XviD
    Average Bitrate: oh, ~1000kbit or so
    Resolution: 512x288
    Frame Rate: 29.97fps
    Audio Codec: OGG Vorbis
    Average Bitrate: 128kbit
    Sample Rate: 48kHz
    File Format Container: .ogm

    • Colin Mckellar

      Colin Mckellar - 2003-02-27

      The following is some actual knowlege mixed with some speculation:

      The ogg format was intended to be able to handle video and audio, but in its first incarnation, the Xiph people did not describe how video was meant to work. This is because their only codec was Vorbis, which is an audio codec. Anywho, some people were taken with the idea of an independant format, and decided to work out a way to store video in it.. That is what OGM is. OGM is technically ogg, but it does not come from the ogg people. One of the big things that Ogg theora project will do is to extend the ogg format so it properly handles video.. and does so in an intelligent way. It will be different from OGM, and once it is done, hopefully it will be bloddy good.

      so, in conclusion, while OGM might actually be ogg, as far as I know, nothing officially from the ogg group can play it... and in the long run, I think that it is a bad choice to use it.

    • Anonymous - 2004-01-30

      Nothing happened much in this year concerning OGG handling video. And many files now are OGM encoded, mainly with DivX video and OGG sound.

      So the component here handles OGG sound and lets say we have something to handle DivX, why couldn't we play the file in QT?

    • metrom

      metrom - 2004-01-31

      OGG and OGM are exactly the same format, no diffrences exept the file-extension.

      OGG is a container format, it can contain lots of streams, video, audio, text and so on.

    • Anonymous - 2004-01-31

      I understand. But it doesn't seem the component here takes advantage of the "container" format.

      It addresses only the Vorbis sound content, nothing else: the OGM extension is not recognized and renaming the file OGG makes applications search only for sound.

      Why not allow the component  to look into OGM files? Eventually handle the sound and divert the other content to whatever can handle it?

      There *is* more and more content out there with an OGM extension. I just thought it would be nice to make QT aware of that.

    • Alexander Thomas

      It would be nice if development of this plugin was resumed in the first place... Otherwise it will never be able to do more than playing ogg audio.
      MPlayer supports OGM files, or at least there exists a way to make MPlayer play OGM files...

    • Anonymous - 2004-02-10

      VLC also supports it.

      The problem is with applications using QT to access the movies, like cataloguers and such. Playing them will still be possible with standalone applications, I guess. Using them in a broader way is what concerns me.


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