Nelson Pavlosky - 2005-05-11

So after discovering that this plugin no longer works in QT 7, I went back to QT 6.5.2 or whatever.  However, I didn't expect an iTunes update to break Ogg support, because I figured as long as the Quicktime plugin works, iTunes will work right?  Wrong.

QT 6.5.2. plays the Ogg files fine.  However, iTunes 4.8 freezes up completely after playing 8 seconds worth of any Ogg file.  It doesn't matter whether you start at the beginning of the file or in the middle, or even if you skip around during those 8 seconds.  After 8 seconds iTunes will freeze up and stop working.

Does anybody know where I can get a copy of iTunes 4.7?  More importantly, does anybody know what's causing this so that it can be fixed?