charset problem with tags

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2005-04-08


    i have some ogg files which have tags with japanese text in them.and they aren't displayed correctly in itunes. they are shown as "?????".

    they are recognized correctly with videolan player (and also with several linux-only programs)..

    what charset does the ogg-quicktime component use?

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2005-04-14

      well....i checked more...

      it's not an encoding problem. it's a displaying problem.

      btw. i don't know if i mentioned already: this is happening on mac osx.

      i tried to put some accented latin characters, like [] in the ogg tags, and those were displayed correctly.

      then i created one with mixed accented and japanese characters,

      and the accented were still displayed correctly, and instead of japanese characters i had "?" characters... but the number of the "?" chars was exactly the number of jpn characters.

      so it seems that somehow itunes does not display those japanese chars. i don't know why.

      btw. i tested an mp3 with jpn tags and that worked fine.


      btw2. if i retag it using itunes, then it's fine. but it seems that itunes only saves somewhere the tag info, because the ogg file on the disk still contains the old data ;(

      (and if i remove it from itunes and add it back, i get the old data ;((   )


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