Playing Ogg in Safari

  • Fraser Speirs

    Fraser Speirs - 2003-11-13


    I installed the component, and I can play Ogg in iTunes and Finder previews.  My objective now is to get Oggs to play in Safari the same way that MP3s do.

    I've managed to get Safari showing the QT audo controller bar when I click to download an Ogg, but the little progress section inside it doesn't fill up, and I can't play the Ogg (looks like it has zero length).

    Any ideas anyone?  TIA.

    • Alexander Thomas

      Whatever you do, you will never be able to stream OGGs with this plugin as it is now, because for some reason it always wants to load the entire file into memory before it can start playing. So if you load a small OGG or one from a fast server, you should be able to play it. Otherwise you need to wait for minutes and minutes until the entire file has been downloaded. This sucks, so I hope someone will soon resume development on this thing and fix it.


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