Does anyone else experience system freezes?

  • Noam Sturmwind

    Noam Sturmwind - 2004-12-14


    Is anyone else experiencing this bug where the system freezes for several seconds (except for the mouse pointer) at random intervals while playing vorbis files in iTunes?

    I'm going to start debugging this shortly, after I finish writing exams. I'd like to know if I'm the only one experiencing this or not.

    Would anyone else like to help debug this? (Especially someone familiar with QuickTime component!)

    • Damien Uern

      Damien Uern - 2004-12-22

      Yes, I experience this. I was talking to people on IRC and they experience it also.

      Running itunes 4.7 on OS X 10.3.7. Latest ogg plugin.

      I hope it gets solved soon, it makes itunes pretty much unusable.

    • Tim Allen

      Tim Allen - 2004-12-22

      Oh, is *that* what's causing these momentary freezes? I've had the symptoms, but never made the connection with iTunes.

    • Alexander Thomas

      I experience this too, but only in QuickTime Player. I can't remember having these kinds of freezes in iTunes, but then again, I mostly only play lots of ogg files in iTunes when I'm not doing anything else on my Mac.

    • Jeremy

      Jeremy - 2004-12-31

      there is a patched binary that you can download that will solve most of the freezes.

      if you go into general discussions you should see the subject [PATCH] near the top. there are links farther down of compiled plugins for both windows and OS X.

    • Noam Sturmwind

      Noam Sturmwind - 2005-01-20

      jpetzold, that's an old patch which already has been incorporated into the CVS source tree (judging by the lack of BeginMediaEdit calls in the current source). So that won't help, unfortuantely.

      I've been able to reproduce the freezes in QuickTime Player now, meaning that I can attach gdb (which iTunes won't allow) and start doing some debugging... if only I knew what I was doing!

      Can someone advise me on how I should be debugging this with gdb? Or should I be using some sort of profiling tool, and if so, what?


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