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  • cel72

    cel72 - 2005-10-06

    that's so cool! I found out about ogg-files yesterday, after
    downloading some music encoded like this - and then it was hard to play them (G4 QT7) besides VLC ( which is always
    the first solution for any kind of file.
    And now , with these components it works - also the conversion to .aiff! perfect! this developer should get
    a lot of donations - spread the news!

  • Steve

    Steve - 2005-11-20

    I'm so glad someone who knew how to do this finally did it.  I had this pile of OGG files just sitting on my desktop waiting to drop into iTunes - gone!  And they sound great, they load quickly (not like the old OGG plugin, which stopped my computer cold for 10 seconds on each song - causing many dead DVD-R's!)  Thank you thank you!  Runs on 10.4.3/Quicktime 7.0.3/iTunes 6.0.1, and fast!  :-)

    • Arek Korbik

      Arek Korbik - 2005-11-25

      I think it only gets better! I would like to announce the new Xiph QuickTime Components project. Please see:

      And for all those still reading this post: I'd like to thank everybody for all the feedback and support and help. And I hope our co-operation will not stop with new project.

      I will try to contact personally all the developers who contributed to qtcomponents project, but if I miss somebody - please contact me if you would like to contribute to the new project too. The new project web-pages have all the details and contact info.

      Thanks, and hope to hear from you!

      • Alexander Thomas

        Most excellent! The new component works perfectly (still the delay when loading large files, though). You are my hero!

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