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  • Arek Korbik

    Arek Korbik - 2005-09-19

    I've spent some time investigating the problems with the old code of the oggvorbis component - it didn't work on my 10.4 + QT 7 system.

    Well, after rewriting and changing some of the functionality - it seems to be working now, or at least, the most important at the moment, ogg/vorbis playback function is working. The binaries are available at:

    The resulting source code is a bit "unreadable", but the component seems to be working fine. I plan to make the source code available as soon as I can find some time to clean it up, and maybe even finish the work on some of the remaining issues. So, in a couple of weeks probably.

    Right, the remaining issues. For some strange reasons metadata in iTunes stopped working completely. You still can use the 1.0d8 to import the songs, and get some tags ;) It doesn't work with network streams, neither. (Other thing is, iTunes doesn't even try to use the component to play ogg streams...) I haven't even touched the exporter part. And some less critical error checking is missing at the moment. But it's perfectly usable, in my experience, to play not-completely-broken vorbis files.

    I'm quite new to QT, or Mac at all, and have only one machine to do testing. Thus, I can't guarantee it will work on your machine, but I'll be glad to get any feedback, and try to solve the problems.

    I believe the requirements are at least QT 7 (for metadata handling, which, ironically, doesn't work in iTunes) but I'm not sure about Tiger - It is still a SoundManager component, not a CoreAudio one, so... The CA example codec wasn't that helpful after all. (And there's still matter of an importer component anyway). And, at the moment, the new component requires ogg and vorbis frameworks installed (which I included with the component in the .dmg file)

    OK, I'll let you try it now. Any comments are welcome. I'll go and work on the source a bit...

    • Joshua Root

      Joshua Root - 2005-09-19

      Awesome! Thanks so much for doing this. I just tried it and it does indeed work. :D

    • Nathan Gray

      Nathan Gray - 2005-09-19

      Hey, that's great!  Please do release the code soon and we can all help try to solve the existing problems.

    • Deepmoon

      Deepmoon - 2005-09-19

      Been waitin for this one for a while... nice going

    • Lincoln Quirk

      Lincoln Quirk - 2005-09-19

      It works on 10.3.9, iTunes 5, Quicktime 7. Awesomely. Thank you.

    • Gabriel

      Gabriel - 2005-09-20

      Awesome!  Can't wait to try it out.  Any chance of a Windows compile?

    • Jason Weathered

      Jason Weathered - 2005-09-20

      Yay! Thank you very much for getting the vorbis component working again.

      Hopefully there'll be a way to improve performance (in particular that terrible startup delay).

    • Arne Babenhauserheide

      It yet didn't work on Tiger 10.4.2, but I might have to restart for some...

      Anyways A great thanks for the effort!

    • Deepmoon

      Deepmoon - 2005-09-21

      I'm not able to stream from a distributed playlist made with the linux daarpa server. Since i have neither windows or another mac, I can't test it further. This could be a fault in the daarpa server but I don't count on it cuz the deamon searches for oggs.

    • Michael Knight

      Michael Knight - 2005-09-21

      Awesome work Arek, it works well for me. I'd encourage you to get the code public ASAP just in case something bad happens to you (e.g. car crash, Apple conspiracy, etc.)

      This is valuable stuff! :)

    • none

      none - 2005-09-22


      Thanks, good job, I've been waiting for this since I bought my iBook in July.

      Nice playback quality, no noticable hit on performance.

    • JamesB

      JamesB - 2005-09-22

      Yes, I second the request for a Windows compile. It's been frustrating since I "upgraded" to Quicktime 7 (thru iTunes 5) not to have access to my Vorbis files.

    • Tim Allen

      Tim Allen - 2005-09-25

      Woohoo! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

      Do you have any leads on the iTunes metadata thing, or will I be updating my Vorbis-handling Applescript to import artist, album and track-name info in addition to track-number info?

    • erwin vrolijk

      erwin vrolijk - 2005-09-26

      Hi, Thanks man! This rocks!

      I also tried making this qtcomponent work under qt7, but i didn't had time enough to make in useable, but luckaly you did!

      Hope you can release the sources soon, so we can optimize things.

    • troplin

      troplin - 2005-09-27

      works under qt 7.0.2 / os x 10.4.2 / iTunes 5.0.1

      btw I always wondered why iTunes doesn't display the bitrates on ogg vorbis files...

      • Alexander Thomas

        Great! Finally someone managed to fix this. Now I have a good reason to finally migrate to Tiger, I just need to find some time though... :)

        Since this sourceforge project seems to be dead, it may be a good idea to start a new one, and put the source code there. Unless of course, someone from the original project is still alive and gives you access...

        troplin: iTunes only seems to display the correct bitrates for the 'native' formats, being MP3, AAC & stuff. I don't think we'll ever manage to get this right, unless Apple changes something. Also, iTunes' equalizer, volume normalizer and visualizer don't work at all with this plugin, because playback seems to be handled exclusively by QuickTime. I hope this can be fixed, but I'm afraid this will require a more thorough rewrite of the QT component into a Core Audio thingy.

        • erwin vrolijk

          erwin vrolijk - 2005-09-29

          I share your thoughts about starting a new project, or gaining access to this project.

          I think it's a good idea to give the original project owners a loud wakeup call via email, and if they don't respond just start a new project.

          Talking here somwhere on a forum in the depths of an abandonned project just isn't the way to go.

          • Arthur Wiebe

            Arthur Wiebe - 2005-09-29

            Why doen't we takeover this project? Since it is abandoned. I can get to that right away.

            • erwin vrolijk

              erwin vrolijk - 2005-10-01

              We need to wait until the author of this fix, Arek Korbik, responds and releases te sources.

    • David Wheeler

      David Wheeler - 2005-09-28

      That's so awesome! I have 2 songs that would not import to iTunes if you'd like them for bug-fix purposes... not too phased myself, just stoked that it works!

    • Alexander Thomas

      By the way, this also works in Panther with QT 7 (not with QT 6.5). Metadata works in QT Player, not in iTunes 5...

    • Keith Page

      Keith Page - 2005-09-29

      OS X 10.4.2, itunes 5.0.1(4), Quicktime 7.0.2

      I can not get this to work on this system. I tried the original 1.08 on the main page which crashed itunes. After a bit of searching i replaced that component with the r24 version and it simply ignores the request to play the file. When i download the podcast it says the file is corrupt or unplayable.


      • Keith Page

        Keith Page - 2005-10-03

        I just wanted to say... i can't follow instructions. Got this working on my system.

    • Yuan Yijun

      Yuan Yijun - 2005-09-30

      when can there be a win32 release?

    • Alon Levy

      Alon Levy - 2005-10-02

      Works great here! Using iTunes 5.0.1 and OSX 10.4.2 . I wonder if the source might be available, I'm assuming its Xcode project based? I don't mind if it needs some work - I'd love to try and compile it here anyway.

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