Who's working on FLAC support

Matt Field
  • Matt Field

    Matt Field - 2003-03-14


    I'm thinking of starting.  Anyone on this project using visual studio on windows?  If not what?


    • bugmenot

      bugmenot - 2004-09-26

      Source code available.

    • Phil Karn

      Phil Karn - 2005-01-04

      It seems to work when I open a .flac file with QuickTime, but iTunes still ignores my attempts to import .flac files into the iTunes library. As I recall, when I installed the Ogg Vorbis plugin by copying it into /Library/QuickTime, it simply started working in both QuickTime and iTunes. Is there something I should do to get iTunes to work with .flac files, or is the work not yet done?

    • bugmenot

      bugmenot - 2005-02-03

      You have to write to apple to get iTunes support working: iTunes does have a plugin mechanism :)

      Maybe the Vorbis QTcompoenent devs should incorporate the FLAC component and merge the two into a single component supporting only Ogg container formats (Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Flac, Ogg Speex and eventually Ogg Theora). Since all ogg formats use the ogg extension and the same metadata mechanism, iTunes be able to support every one of these encoding methods.

      Anyone from the vorbis component project willing to help?

      • Shawn Gordon

        Shawn Gordon - 2005-02-03

        Or you could use Mindawn which is available on Mac, Linux and Windows and plays FLAC files and is an electronic music download service.


    • bugmenot

      bugmenot - 2005-02-03

      It is a flac/vorbis store, but we are talking about perfect flac support on iTunes (so we can transcode and add the music to ipods or stream the music through Airport Express)


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