Ogg Vrbis stream with iTunes under Mac OS X 1

Patrick P
  • Patrick P

    Patrick P - 2005-05-09


    I have installed the PlugIn on my system /Library/QuickTime and however when I run iTunes and open the following stream
    http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=135636 I still don't get any sound..

    I have done the same experience with QuickTime ..

    From the provider of that stream they say that it should work.

    Anyone has such experience ?

    iTunes 4.7.1
    QuickTime 7.0.0

    Best regards

    • Matthew Donoughe

      This won't work. iTunes will play only MP3 streams, and it sounds like it will always be this way unless something in iTunes changes. Also, Quicktime 7 with the current Ogg component will crash every time you try to play something in Ogg format.


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