Lynn Pye - 2004-02-13

As the subject indicates, I've created a LAME encoder based MP3 encoder component. It exports. It doesn't decompress and it doesn't import. It is based on the Ogg Vorbis component. It isn't pretty. It is a hack. But I have tested it and it provides at least rudimentary mp3 conversion.

It is also like crack cocaine. I want to refine it and make it better but am at the limits of the amount of time I can put into it.

Is anyone interested in taking it up? If so, email me at lynn SOMEWHEREAT pyehouse PERIOD com.



PS - I haven't put the binaries or the sources up anywhere yet. It only exists on my machine for now. LAME is LGPL and I have that set up as a Framework for now. I'm talking with the LAME folks to see if anyone there wants to maintain LAME as a Framework on OS X. Anyway, email me if you want the details.