Bugs Fixed in Quicktime 6.0.2?

Sean Lake
  • Sean Lake

    Sean Lake - 2002-10-19

    I recently upgraded to Quicktime 6.0.2, and it appears that the Ogg component works better now. At least, Quicktime can export to ogg format (though it appears to be an out of date encoder version, oggenc produces far more compact files), and it will even open ogg files. The only real bug left appears to be that sound doesn't come out when I attempt to play an ogg file in quicktime. The good news is that I can play the exported ogg file in XMMS. Is this the problem as it was with Quicktime 6.0.1?


    • Sean Lake

      Sean Lake - 2002-10-20

      Addendum: Quicktime, with the component installed, can also successfully export the audio file to another format. So it appears that Quicktime, or maybe just the plugin, is understanding the file, just not putting out the audio for some reason.


    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2003-02-24

      I am using Quicktime 6.0.1 and the codec works perfectly


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