If you don't mind...

  • Arek Korbik

    Arek Korbik - 2005-10-03

    ... I'll start a new thread.

    First of all, I'd like to thank all those who supported me in my quest by giving me some feedback. This is one of the main reasons this post happens today and not, say, in November. ;)

    Yes, yes. A (slightly) new "release". And, yes - source code this time, too. You'll find both at:


    You'll find some notes about the release there, too. Here I'll just comment on some of the topics mentioned on the forum.

    Metadata - yes (only partially in iTunes); streaming - not really. This, and other issues with iTunes - please see my comments on the above page.

    Windows binaries. The code I wrote was meant to be running on OS-X. I think some effort will be required to make it work on Windows - and I mean porting not just configuring compile system. But I can't do it myself - I don't even have access to the development machine for that platform.

    Project takeover - I suppose it's better to continue this project, than start a completely new one. Even if we don't continue the 1.0d8 development line, and transform it into, say,  new "Xiph QT Components" based on the old code. I'm not sure how these things work - I'll try to contact the existing members of the project and we will see...

    All feedback is welcome. Until I get the new code into some project management system (hopefully, the SF one) please use the forum or contact me on my sourceforge e-mail address. Thanks.


    • Arthur Wiebe

      Arthur Wiebe - 2005-10-03

      I just built the source and it works fine.

      Thanks for your effort!
      Now streaming /would/ be really nice :)

      Now hopefully either a current project admin responds or the project takeover request goes by soon.

    • Jason Weathered

      Jason Weathered - 2005-10-04

      Cheers for the source.

      • Arne Babenhauserheide

        Thank you very much!
        You saved my OGGs!

        Great work!

    • Noermi

      Noermi - 2005-10-04

      First big big thx for your great job, with r45 at least all my oggs are working in itunes (5.0.1) with 10.3.9.
      But the install instructions in the Readme-file doesn't say anything bout the frameworks. I putted the folder OggVorbis.component to Library/Quicktime/ like it is said in the readme and it didnt work, but after putting the frameworks in the Libray/frameworks folder it does. For non developer or non programmer like me this could be usefull.

    • troplin

      troplin - 2005-10-04

      works very well. also without the frameworks (r45)

      • Noermi

        Noermi - 2005-10-10

        did you install the r24 before installing r45?
        I removed the frameworks of r24 from the folder /Library/frameworks before installing r45.

    • Alexander Thomas

      Considering the metadata: I still get nothing in iTunes, but maybe I'm doing something wrong. Where is this MetaDataConfig.plist file supposed to be?
      With the previous plug-in and QuickTime movies, however, I noticed that only a limited set of metadata fields are supported in iTunes for non-MP3/AAC files. And since iTunes 5, even the title isn't read, I suppose this is must be a bug. I suggest trying to send a bug report to Apple (I can't find any technical feedback pages for iTunes, though).

      And considering the equalizer/volume normalizer/visualizer: these only appear to work with MP3, AAC, Apple lossless, and AIFF. However, you can use any sound codec in AIFF files and it will still work. So if you would encapsulate OGG audio in an AIFF and there would be an OGG Audio Codec, it would work -- but nobody will want to do that. But maybe there is a trick to make iTunes treat OGG files the same way as AIFF files...?

      At any rate, thanks a lot for making this work under QT 7 and releasing the source. If I can find some time, I might look into it and try to fix some of the issues...

      • Alexander Thomas

        Never mind, somehow I managed to just re-install the previous version... d'oh! With r45, the metadata works in iTunes, except for the title.

    • Alexander Thomas

      This release causes some weird behavior in QuickTime Player: when I open a file, its duration is first reported as 3 seconds, and then it goes up slowly. It's as if the file is loaded very slowly, it takes almost as long as the song itself for the 'duration' to reach its final value. This causes problems with playback in QT Player: if I don't wait until the file is 'fully loaded', playback skips and jumps forward all the time.

    • stann

      stann - 2005-10-17

      Has anyone used this successfully with iTunes6?

      • Arne Babenhauserheide

        It works for me with itunes 6

      • Alexander Thomas

        Yep, works just like in iTunes 5. Sometimes has 'hiccups' at the beginning of songs, but I suppose this is related to the weird behavior I experience in QuickTime Player. This appears to be caused by an attempt to dynamically load ogg files in a streaming kind of way, which my 800MHz G3 doesn't like...

    • Tim Allen

      Tim Allen - 2005-10-23

      The original Vorbis plugin didn't import the vorbis TRACKNUMBER field, so I wrote a horrible little AppleScript that ran vorbiscomment, parsed the output and set the track number in iTunes. Now that iTunes ignores the Name field as well, I've spent some time polishing it up and extending it

      New features:

      - Requires 10.4 Tiger, for the QuickTime File scripting addon.

      - Sets track name, artist, album, track number, track count, year, comment, genre (if it can).

      - Uses only Arek's QuickTime component, so you don't need to compile vorbis-tools anymore. Also, it works with any kind of QuickTime file, not just Vorbis.

      - If tracknumber is in the form "x/y", it gets split into track number/track total.

      - If you run it from Script Editor, it has pretty log messages telling you % completeness and each thing the script is doing.

      - Always processes every file in the list,instead of randomly missing some.

      Known bugs:

      - Files with an eth (like a d but with a horizontal stroke) in the name get the eth replaced with "<eth>". Other accented characters come through unscathed. Presumably at some point in the process a name is being converted to MacRoman encoding, but I have no idea how or why.

      - It's kinda slow, but my AppleScript-fu is not good enough to figure out how to speed things up. On my G5 1.6GHz, it took 40 minutes to process 1858 songs, most of which didn't need any updating at all.

      Where to get it:


      How to use it:

      - Open iTunes, select a playlist full of files you want to process.

      - Open Script Editor, then open the script file.

      - In Script Editor, from the Window menu choose "Event Log History".

      - In the Event Log History window, change "Log Events and Results" to "Log Nothing" (so you don't get overwhelmed by useless log info).

      - Hit "Run Script".

    • Owen Rudge

      Owen Rudge - 2005-11-19

      For people using Windows, I have started trying to port this to Windows. I've got a binary that will now recognise and load Vorbis files, but it doesn't actually produce any audio. I'm working on trying to get it to function properly (I've contacted Arek via e-mail too to see if he can help), and if I have any luck, I'll let you know. If anybody else thinks they might be able to help, please also let me know.

    • Arek Korbik

      Arek Korbik - 2005-11-20

      I'm sorry for maybe a bit unfortunate timing, but please see latest information on my "component page":

    • Ippei UKAI

      Ippei UKAI - 2005-11-25

      I don't know if r45 is a software of this project, but shouldn't the version number and identifier in the info.plist be something like 'r45' and 'net.sourceforge.qtcomponents.qtoggvorbis'? (I tried to check which Ogg component I installed, but the only evidence I found was the modified date that matches r45.)

      Anyway, it seems the entire xiph file formats can debut properly on Mac (not on Darwin-side) someday. Thank you, and please keep up your excellent job!


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