Alexander Wehr - 2003-12-11

titlelab files were a possible and final ditch effort to make conversion from ogm to mov format.  they failed.  They cause the video to jitter bc the text renderer is too slow.
     What is really and desperately needed is a plugin to read/open ogm files and decode/render the .srt files that are included within.  This would allow proper playback of these troublesome beasts on quicktime.
     Why quicktime when there is mplayer and vlc? 3 REASONS =P: well, vlc is problematic, fails to aintialias most of the time, doesnt decode half as well and doesnt save configuration. Mplayer, well mplayer has this garbage full screen solution where it decreases the resolution.. again winding up with garbage playback.  Finally, quicktime is the highest quality video player for mac bar none and as a quality nazi it annoys me to no end that i am currently unable to use this poweful tool to play my ogm videos(i must have several hundred by now and im seeing more of these than avi >.<)