Where is Source code download option/link?

  • Amit Chitale
    Amit Chitale

    As this is an open source project, I am expecting a sourcecode download link. But I am not being able to find it. Please sombody help...

    • Rob Braun
      Rob Braun

      I would also like this.  I can't access cvs either through pserver, a developer account, or through the viewcvs web page.

    • chuck remes
      chuck remes

      Sourceforge has been having intermittent problems with CVS. The only way to get the source is to do a 'cvs checkout' from this repository.

      Keep trying, or send me a note at cremes[at]opendarwin.org and I'll shoot you the copy I snagged a few weeks ago.

    • Daniel Laudams
      Daniel Laudams

      CVS still appears to be broken for this project.

      However a nightly tarball of the CVS repository can be downloaded from here: