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I see that bug report was submitted in 2003 and is still not
fixed. I noticed this problem lately with iTunes
for Windows and Ogg Vorbis for QuickTime 1.0d7. When I
started looking whether switching from WinAmp to iTunes is
worth the effort, I added my rather huge collection of OGGs
into the iTunes library. Some songs wouldn't be imported and
there wasn't even an error message about it. I didn't like
the manners of iTunes about this glitch and I still don't,
but I was able to isolate and bypass the problem. Please
somebody fix it. I like iTunes a lot now, but song names of
more than 64 characters are not that unusual, in my eyes the
attractiveness of iTunes suffers a lot from this mistake,
and the problem is probably not that hard to solve.

Cheers, Chris.