Ronan - 2011-09-30

It took me quite a while to get this to work between a Windows PC and Mac OSX.

1.  Install Synergy on OSX
2.  Install QSynergy on OSX
3.  Install Synergy with GUI for Windows
4.  Configure QSynergy on OSX
5. Configure Synergy GUI on Windows

The tricky parts OSX:
- use "sudo" not "su" to copy the synergy files (synergyc, synergys, synergy.config) to hidden folder /usr/bin
- use sudo to change the permissions of these files by chmod 755 synergyc and chmod 755 synergys
- in QSynergy app console, if running as a client, set "Name of the server" to the IP address of the Windows machine in the same LAN

The tricky bit on Windows:
- set up the client monitor as <MacName>.local, swapping out "<MacName>" for your Mac's NetBios Name (which should be set in the System Preferences > Network > WINS tab.

Hope that helps.