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Quicksilver Forums 1.5 is out!

Though I suspect not many people are still watching....

Quicksilver Forums 1.5 is out, after nearly 3 years of sitting on it. I'll just get right to the changelog then:

Changes for 1.5:

* Massive overhaul of the installer system.
* Added support for MySQLi.
* Replace image captcha with math based captcha.
* Error display should not post code details to the browser.
* Dropped timezone tables in favor of PHP 5 methods.
* Statistics center ceased functioning due to jpgraph not being PHP 5 compatible.
* Jpgraph library has now been removed.
* Hacks for IE6 and IE7 in the main index pages have been removed. Upgrade to IE8.
* Updated Google Analytics code.
* Default number of members displayed per members page raised from 10 to 25.
* Long awaited preview mode when editing posts.
* Slight rearranging of the forum topics display to save a bit of vertical space.
* User IP will be added to mail headers delivered through the email form.
* Top of page will now display where a new post, poll, or reply is being made to.
* Moved topics now show up more visibly if left linked to the old forum.
* Removed all obsolete tools.
* Akismet protection has been integrated for the email form, signature edits, forum posts, and new user registration.
* Dropped inclusion of all non-English translation files. They are all horribly out of date anyway.
* Switched bbcode parser due to the large number of deprecation warnings caused by the old one.
* Switched emoticon handling to one that will function properly based on the chosen skin.
* Updated avatar handling.
* Fixed local avatar selection.
* Meta tags for the site can now be set via the board settings menu in the ACP.
* Dropped unsupported converters. Will reinstate if there is a need.... read more

Posted by Arthmoor 2011-01-16

Quicksilver Forums 1.3.1

Key changes include:

* Most languages now use UTF-8. This could cause some 'corruption' of existing posts that use non-english characters. Sorry about that but we need this change for the javascript tricks we are introducing
* Language updates to Swedish, Norwegian and German.
* New backup tool uses XML (and is far less likely to run out of memory)
* And many bugfixes

Posted by Geoff 2006-10-04

Quicksilver Forums 1.3.0

There has been a serious security hole found with Quicksilver Forums 1.2.1 and we advise everyone to upgrade to this new release

Posted by Geoff 2006-09-16

Quicksilver Forums 1.2.1

Figured we needed to to this to get rid of the annoying bugs that had cropped up after the 1.2.0 release.

Changes for 1.2.1:

Bugs addressed:

* Addons directory was not present.
* Post editing not handling reference properly in PHP4.
* Board crash when timezone update was required.
* Birthdays modlet referencing URL value incorrectly.
* Upload patch to make safe mode attachments a little easier.
* AdminCP not accessible if RSS feed is down.
* Timezone autoincrement value in the installer bumped up to 387.
* UserCP timezone selectors did not work in IE6 with javascript enabled.

Posted by Arthmoor 2006-04-12

Quicksilver Forums 1.2.0

* Topics and tracked individually as read and unread
* Recent posts now includes ALL unread posts as well as posts since last visit
* New modlets for birthdays and subforums
* RSS feeds now link directly to the post
* RSS feeds use templates
* Topics can be marked as unpublished
* New install guide
* HTML versions of all documentation (see here for an example)
* Quickreply now built in
* PNGs now render better in IE
* And big updates to our Swedish, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian and French translations!

Posted by Geoff 2006-03-18

Quicksilver Forums 1.1.9

Key changes include:

* XMB Forum convertor
* Significant update to italian translation
* Can edit Attachments on posts
* Topics link to next newer and older topic

Posted by Geoff 2006-01-14

Quicksilver Forums 1.1.8

Another version is now available. Key changes include:

* BBcode for superscript, subscript and indent
* CSS for handheld devices
* Updated French translation
and a few more bugfixes.

Posted by Geoff 2005-12-22

Bugfix release: 1.1.7

There was some bugs when trying to upgrade to 1.1.6

Posted by Geoff 2005-12-17

Merry Xmas! 1.1.6 is here, you know the drill. Grab it!

This is basically a "bugfix" release. And there are a lot of fixes in there. But some additions I'd like to highlight:

* New converters for MyBB, vBulletin 3.5.1 and IPB 2.1.x
* New BB code: spoiler
* Poll options can use BB code
* Topic pruner to delete or move with old topics en-mass

Grab it now.

Posted by Geoff 2005-12-16

Now listed on sourceforge.net

We'll start using this place as our primary mirror for releases. Our 1.1.5 release is available here now. 1.1.6 is coming soon!

Posted by Geoff 2005-12-05

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