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QRay V1 alpha Released !

QRay is an interactive 3D modelling system developed in Java with a built-in real-time raytracing engine. A unique representation model and a ray eliminating optimization method are implemented, which empower QRay to provide cool WYSIWYG 3D modelling functionalities.

In QRay, the Quadric Constructive Solid Geometry representation model is defined and implemented. Unlike the general CSG framework, in QRay, all primitives like balls, boxes, cylinders and cones are defined as the intersection of Quadric Half-spaces, which are defined as { <x, y, z> | QAxx+QBxy+QCxz+QDx+QEyy+QFyz+QGy+QHzz+QIz+QJ <=0 }, the basic building elements of a 3D scene. Such simple, precise and unified representation helps a lot in the development of an efficient rendering algorithm and makes it possible for users to define their own primitives.... read more

Posted by QiQi Yan 2003-03-03