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Version 1.2.1 released

* Tue Oct 4 2005 Bernat Rfales Mulet <>
- 1.2.1 Released
-Added translation support.
-Disabled 2.0 firmware check because it fails on downgraded
PSPs and on 1.50 PSPs using 2.0 firmware emulators.

Posted by The_Bell 2005-10-04

Version 1.2 released

Version 1.2 of QPSPManager released! Here's the changelog of version 1.2:

- Added a new feature which allows you to transform folders containing kxploited directories that don't hide damaged data to ones that do.

- Fixed a bug which did not create the temp directories correctly.

- Fixed a bug in the copy routines which affected subdirectories.

Posted by The_Bell 2005-09-24

Version 1.1.2 released

* Mon Sep 5 2005 Bernat Rfales Mulet <>
- 1.1.2 Released
-Added PSP 2.0 firmware detection to disable the PBP features since they
don't work on 2.0 firmare. Thanks to Sebastian Henschel for the patch.
-Fixed a bug regarding the backup of the savegames which did not work if a
specific directory was not created in the home directory. Thanks to Olivier
Guerin which howto let me know about that bug.

Posted by The_Bell 2005-09-09

Version 1.1.1 released

* Mon Sep 5 2005 Bernat Rfales Mulet <>
- 1.1.1 Released
-Fixed a bug regarding the existence and creation of the "psp/game"

Posted by The_Bell 2005-09-05

Version 1.1 released

* Tue Aug 30 2005 Bernat Rfales Mulet <>
- 1.1 Released
-Added support for backuping savegames.
-Added support for PMF and AT3 files when packing PBP files.
-Added options to be able to don't include icon, background, video and sound files when packing PBP files.
-Fixed minor bugs.
-Some chunks of code changed for better portability.
-Fixed a bug with the PBP pack routine on big endian architectures.

Posted by The_Bell 2005-08-30

Version 1.0 released

I'm proud to present the first version of QPSPManager. In this first release there's is support for transfering homebrew PBP files to the PSP. Please report any bug you find.

Posted by The_Bell 2005-08-17