qpeGPS released

This is a mantenience version to correct the bugs reported since 0.9.3 was relased. This version also includes some new features that are related next
Tested only on Zaurus SL-C3100 under QTopia (sharp and cacko ROMs).

Whats new in

1. New feature: Nested folders for searching maps. Now qpeGPS can search for the existence of maps.txt files in all subdirs on the maps path (there is an option in Settings view to enable/disable this feature).
2. New feature: Rotation modes. In gps view you can choose between North up and Heading up orientation. Whith this last option the map is rotated to face the current heading direction (Warning: this mode can slow down the visualization of maps)
3. New feature: 2x Zoom on gps view. You can activate this option from the popup menu. (Warning: this mode can slow down the visualization of maps)
4. Bug: Places are saved when addding a new Place
5. Bug: Removed double slashes (//) on paths [1669793]
6. Bug: SIGSEGV in DownloadSpecificaition [1697336]
7. Rewritten code to access gpsd (based on latest ashikase code). libgps and libpthreead no longer needed.
8. Popup menu on gps view can be accessed with click and hold (prolongated click). Non accessible options are grayed.
9. Stop script is called on exit.
10. Other minor bugs corrected

Posted by ztep 2007-05-11

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