qpeGPS 0.9.3 released

This is a preview version to test the new features.
Correction of posible bugs and improvements will be added in other future revisions (versions 0.9.3.x).
Tested only on Zaurus clamshells (SL-C860 and SL-C3100) under Qtopia (sharp and cacko ROMs).

Whats new in 0.9.3:

1. New feature: Profiles. Now you can save your configuration file with different names/profiles, so you can switch between configuration faster (different map diretories, gps configs, etc.).
2. Added the option to view/edit the start/resume/stop scripts that are executed to start the gps device and gpsd daemon, to resume them after the zaurus is resumed or to stop them.
3. New feature: support for tiled maps. That is, a map composed of a matrix of tiles, each one is a map/image, creating a virtual map that covers a bigger area. This allows qpeGPS to show several image files concurrently. To add a tiled map you must insert a new line in maps.txt with this format:
TILED filename scale size_X size_Y
- filename is a text file with the same format of maps.txt that contains the images/maps description for each tile/map (they don't need to be ordered).
- scale is the scale factor.
- size_X is the number of columns.
- size_Y is the number of rows, so the map is a rectangular array of size_X*size_Y tiles/images.
4. Updated to use gpsd version 2.xx (tested with version 2.34). You can download the ipk from Misc_utilities.
5. Improved the search of maps. Before this version it could take some time (several seconds) since the position changed until qpeGPS searches on that position and shows it (specially if you have a big amonut of maps). Now the search is almost instantaneous.
6. Improved drawing of maps with large tracks. I have changed how the maps are drawn so the drawing is fast, even with large tracks (several thousands of points).
7. Added other method based on qCop messages to detect when the zaurus resumes. It works with the latest Cacko ROMs (1.22 and 1.23), so you don't need to change /etc/apm.d/bluetooth anymore.
8. Minor changes on GPS status page:
- the background color of time in Data Staus is red for no fix, yellow for 2D fix (position) or green for 3D fix (position and altitude).
- the satelite power bars are green for satelites used to fix and red otherwise.

Know bugs in 0.9.3

1. Although tiled maps are shown fine on Info page, the remove / download / import / properties buttons don't work with tiled maps.
2. While capturing tracks (write), the captured track is not show in the current map.

Posted by ztep 2007-01-16

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