New release qpegps

This is beta version with A. Karkhov additions.
Tested only on Zaurus SL-C860 under QTopia (no known bugs).
Known problems with Open Zaurus.
Use runcompat utility to start on Open Zaurus.

Whats new in
1. Added "map mode" to browsing maps (with or without GPS receiver).
2. Added saving/deleting places/waypoints.
3. Added setting destination point (qpegps will display bearing and distance to destination).
4. Added measuring distances between any points on the maps.
5. Added scale line.

Whats new in
1. Some minor fixes.
2. Added downloading multiple map files which cover some area (region) from

Whats new in
1. minor bug fixes
2. In menu which is available by <OK> button now added two items first: Switch view (full screen or normal) second: Switch mode (GPS or Map)
3. In GPS mode now you also can click to any point on the map and you will see dialog with point position (coordinates) and distance from current position to the pointed point, also in this dialog you can save pointed position in places.txt file (by pressing "Save" button) or Set up pointed position as destination (by pressing "Destination" button).
4. You can switch between full screen and normal view by pressing <Cancel> / <Esc> button

Posted by Voblin 2005-03-16

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