Holux GM-270 Ulta

GPS units
  • I can't make Holux GM-270 Ulta work with qpeGPS pre (3.10 ROM). The gps unit works just fine with zGPS. In qpeGPS, I have a green gpsd icon but red one for GPS. Teleneting gives P=0 0. Thus, the problem seems to be in gpsd. Is there anything I can do about it. Thanks. Andrey

    • What is your gpsd settings and the type of Zaurus.

      The default setting "-p /dev/ttyS0 -s 4800" is not for CF units with SL-C series. You have to change "ttyS0" to "ttyS3".

    • It's SL-5500 with ROM 3.10. I have tried ttyS0 to ttyS4 - no change.

      • Did you restart gpsd after you changed the setting?