Archos PMA-430 and Delorme Earthmate LT-40

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  • Alpha179

    Alpha179 - 2008-07-18

    1) I am using the Delorme Earthmate LT-40 GPS (USB) on an Archos PMA-430.
    2) The Operating System Software has been changed to OpenPMA 0.2
    3) The GPS device is connected to the PMA430 by the USB host cable.

    When starting qpeGPS pre I get the following error:

    Abort: Exit qpeGPS now.
    Retry: Start gpsd with default settings.
    Ignore: Change setup on GPS page.


    1) Using the guide from “Using QpeGPS with your PMA430"
    ARGS: -p /dev/gps
    Host: localhost
    Port: 2947

    GPSD: ERR (red), the GPS: ??? (red)*No GMS Signal rcvd*

    Using the Default Setting
    ARGS: -p /dev/ttyS0 -s 4800
    Host: localhost
    Port: 2947

    GPSD: OK (green), GPS: ??? (red)*No GMS Signal rcvd*

    Using a Modified Setting
    ARGS: -p /dev/ttyS0 –s 9600
    Host: localhost
    Port: 2947

    GPSD: OK (green), GPS: ??? (red)*No GMS Signal rcvd*

    Is there anything that you can see that is wrong? Any help would be appreciated.


    • heihee

      heihee - 2008-07-18

      /dev/gps is no standard device so gpsd can not find.

      /dev/ttyS0 is the first standard serial (RS232)port - not USB. It seems you got the hardware so gpsd can connect but can not find a GPS device.

      Check the /dev directory: maybe there is something like /dev/ttyUSB0...
      My Linux desktop is handling USB mass storage devices as SCSI and my SL-C860 only accepts CF GPS - so this is my only idea, maybe it helps.


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