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C3100/Haicom 303E

GPS units
  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have a Zaurus SL-C3100 with the standard Sharp ROM (Qtopia 1.5.4 Kernel 2.4.20 ROM 1.02 JP)

    I also have a Haicom 303E CompactFlash GPS which  works with qpegps 0.9.1 but won't work with the later versions. It also works well with zGPS but development of that has stopped and I would prefer to use qpegps as it is still being developed and offers more functionality.

    With any of the 0.9.2 qpegps versions, even though I start gpsd manually first (gpsd -p /dev/ttyS3 -s 4800) because qpegps won't start it and I see a timer appear in the bottom bar which then disappears but qpegps does not display although it does appear in the list of running programmes.

    If I start qpegps before plugging the Haicom unit in and then connect the Haicom qpegps recognises that gpsd is running (Green block) but I get no GPS information.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Barry Samuels

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      On my SL-6000 and Haicom HI-303III, I had the same problem.  But there is a trick to make it work: (1) start qpegps BEFORE inserting GPS card, (2) once window with "Abort", "Ignore", "Retry" buttons is displayed, insert GPS card, (3) if GPS card is not powered up when inserted, type "cardctl resume" to power it up, (4) Press "Restart" on qpegps pop up window.  This works every time if qpegps is started after a reboot, but does not work if you run qpegps then shut it down and try to restart it.


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